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Montana State University (MSU) has its eastern satellite campus located in Billings, Montana. It is the seat of higher educational learning in the eastern part of the state, as well as a community center for varied aspects of professional and other studies. In fact, it is has three main campuses spread across the city. Read More

When it comes to higher learning and education in Montana, Billing's is home to the most eastern university, Montana State University or MSU. It is a community orientated facility offering an array of studies in three of its campuses, each one set in a different part of the city.

MSU was established in 1927, originally the site of the Eastern Montana College. It has upheld traditional education, excellence in teaching and engagements in both community and civic enhancement, focussing on professional courses, technology, teacher training, medicine, business development and skills, the sciences and the arts.

The university enhances the area, providing leadership skills, social connections and many job opportunities, as well as job training. It is greatly supported by the community with varied events, internships and scholarships. Its over one hundred acres of park style areas are a haven for students who enjoy not only fine educational training, but varied activities, recreation, campus services and cultural and athletic pursuits.