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At Billings Clinic, a local medical center, you will discover a team operating together to bring people health and well-being. In this community of physicians, a patient knows he or she is in good hands. The multi-specialty approach is a cooperative and successful way to treat and Billings Clinic provides outstanding care. Read More

Billings Clinic is based in Billings, Montana, with other branch clinics available. There are also primary and specialty-care clinics in Montana and Wyoming. Bozeman, Miles City, Columbus, and Red Lodge have these specialty-care facilities in Montana, and you’ll find another in Cody, Wyoming.

The main clinic in downtown Billings provides a 272-bed hospital and a 15-bed transitional care unit. They also have a level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in its 14-suite family birth center. An Emergency and Trauma Center provides excellent service for those in need.

Some more outstanding features

  • An inpatient cancer care unit 
  • Surgery center 
  • An analytical lab and research kitchen 
  • Strong dedication to quality and service 
  • Awarded certification from Joint Commission for Hip Replacement 
  • 280 physicians and non-physician providers

History of Billings Clinic

Dr. Arthur J. Movius began the clinic in 1911 as it evolved from his general practice. In 1993, the Deaconess Medical Center merged with the Billings Clinic so integrated health care was available for everyone. Then in 2001, the Family Birth Center opened, and a new concept was created for birthing. In 2007, the opening of the Emergency and Trauma Center assured the public of state-of-the-art emergency services.

Billings Clinic, a non-profit health care organization, intends to provide everyone with complete care with outstanding service. It’s a clinic governed by the community. They respect each person as an individual. Billings Clinic intends to become the best provider in the nation by 2010.