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Take off for the wilderness area of Red Lodge, Montana on a motorcycle and enjoy an incredible journey to the “top of the world” and back along the Beartooth Highway.

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Late Spring, Summer, and early Fall are the best times to jump on a hog or “iron horse” motorcycle and cruise with the wind in your face through Montana’s Red Lodge wilderness area.

Take a motorcycle trip and see where it takes you, or plan to visit Red Lodge specifically during the popular Beartooth Rally and Iron Horse Rodeo and Golf Tournament. The all-day, 120-mile roundtrip Poker Run takes motorcyclists up Beartooth Pass to Cooke City, and then returns to Red Lodge via Chief Joseph Scenic Highway.

Riders and other attendees enjoy live music, dancing, oil and cream wrestling, comedy shows, martial arts demonstrations, wet t-shirt contests, and pictures and autographs from event promoters, Beartooth Biker Babes.

Where to Go Motorcycling

Hands down, the number one place motorcyclists go near Red Lodge is the Beartooth Scenic Highway. Otherwise known as US Highway 212, this 65-mile stretch has spectacular alpine and wildlife viewing opportunities from Red Lodge to Cooke City, taking motorcyclists to the “top of the world” at 11,000 feet elevation.

Plan to take your time on this average 3-hour ride. You may have a lot of company on the road during the summer months and you want to thoroughly enjoy the environment.

Rentals & Fees

Be sure to have a proper motorcycle endorsement license and insurance to cruise legally. Motorcycle training and license fees vary from state to state. Most outfitters, tour packages, retail outlets and custom cycle shops listed here either include or rent motorcycles, helmets, gloves, and any other equipment you need with travel packages. Area food and lodging providers offer warm hospitality and great service.

Hire a Guide

Motorcycle guide, outfitters, and tour companies listed here offer their experience, equipment and knowledge of the Red Lodge and Yellowstone areas so you can stay safe and have a great motorcycle adventure.

Summer tours fill up quickly. They can be customized for individuals or groups through the Absaroka Beartooth Wilderness Area and Beartooth Highway as well as through nearby Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks.

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