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Horse Pack Trips

Horses and mules provide an excellent and fun way to explore Montana's vast wilderness and national forests; it is no wonder people have been doing it for centuries. There are many types of horse pack trips to choose from, and they exist in all regions of Montana. Read More


Pack trips in the Red Lodge, Montana area on horseback and mules are a great way to enjoy and explore this magnificent outdoor terrain. You can simply ride or incorporate your trip with photography, hunting, fishing or other activities. Choose a multi-day guided journey or drop trek, whatever suits your needs.

Pack trips frequently include basic equipment and you’ll want to ask your guide or outfitter about equipment you intend to bring with you. Proper clothing and footwear, tools, water and food are some of things to talk about with your guide.

Where to Go on a Pack Trip

The Absaroka Beartooth Wilderness is the prime area for pack trips in the Red Lodge, Montana area.

Rentals & Fees

  • 1-Day Pack Trip: Approximately $300/person
  • 5-Day Pack Trip: Approximately $1800/person

Your pack trip fee will likely include everything you need except for sleeping bags, personal gear, and fishing or other licenses.

Hire A Guide

The guides and outfitters listed on this page are experienced and familiar with the Red Lodge, Montana area terrain, weather, and wildlife. When selecting a guide, ask questions to make sure your pack trip for pleasure, hunting or fishing will meet your needs.

Find out how many hours you’ll be expected to ride each day. You’ll want to know if your kids can come on a pack trip with you or what the age or other requirements might be.

Your guides will need an honest idea of your horseback riding and wilderness skills so you can all plan accordingly. Also, guides and outfitters who provide their own horses are that much more familiar with the horses you’ll be riding and can help match you an appropriate horse.

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