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Red Lodge visitors will find many public camping locations in the surrounding area, featuring campgrounds in Custer, Shoshone and Gallatin National Forests, Bighorn Canyon Recreation Area and Yellowstone National Park. Read More

  • Public camping areas around Red Lodge, Montana include campgrounds in Custer, Shoshone, and Gallatin National Forests, Bighorn Canyon Recreation Area, and Yellowstone National Park.
  • Most campgrounds are generally open from late-May through mid-September. 
  • $8 - $20 average nightly fees. 
  • Enjoy river and lake fishing, hiking and backpacking, boating, and wildlife viewing.

Custer National Forest

Custer National Forest encompasses over 1.2 million acres of southern Montana, with more than a dozen camping areas. Campgrounds nearest to Red Lodge are located along the Main and West Forks of Rock Creek, off Hwy-212 and Forest Service Road #71.

Information: (406) 657 – 6200. Campground Reservations: 1-877-444-6777. See ALL campgrounds in Custer National Forest.

Season: Generally open from May through September, weather-permitting.

Length of Stay: 10 days.

Fees: Average between $12-$14/night. $8/additional vehicle. $6/Day Use Fee.

Campgrounds near Red Lodge include:

  • Sheridan Campground is tucked amidst evergreen forests at 6300 feet, a quiet haven just 5 miles south of Red Lodge, on HWY-212. 8-sites; reservations available; activities include fishing and hiking.
  • Basin Campground is situated along the West Fork of Rock Creek, 8 miles west of Red Lodge, off Forest Service Road #71. This 30-site campground is near waterfalls, streams and hiking trails. Anglers can fish Rock Creek or nearby Wild Bill Lake. Reservations available.
  • Rattin Campground is 7 miles south of Red Lodge, next to the main branch of Rock Creek. Popular activities near this 6-site campground include fishing, mountain biking and hiking.
  • Greenough Lake Campground is 12 miles southwest of Red Lodge. With 18-sites, you'll find room to spread out and enjoy water-based activities and hiking trails.

Shoshone National Forest

Shoshone National Forest covers 2.5 million acres, running from Montana's southern border to Lander, Wyoming, abutting Yellowstone National Park in the west, and covering areas of the Absoroka, Wind River, and Beartooth Mountain Ranges. More than 30 camping areas are located here.

Information: (307) 527-6241. See ALL campgrounds in Shoshone National Forest.

Campground Reservation: 1-877-444-6777. (Most campgrounds are first-come, first-serve.)

Season: Generally open from May through September, weather-dependent. *Some campgrounds do not open until June/July; a few are open year-round.

Length of Stay: 14 days.

Fees: $10 - $15/night. 

Campgrounds closest to Red Lodge include:

  • Island Lake Campground is located 29 miles south of Red Lodge, off Beartooth Scenic Byway. This 20-site campground overlooks Island Lake, featuring a boat ramp, fishing, several trailheads, and wilderness access.
  • Beartooth Lake Campground is another 20-site lakeside campground, providing a boat ramp and fishing access, as well as hiking trails and picnic area. Located 31 miles south of Red Lodge. No reservations.

Gallatin National Forest

West of Red Lodge, Gallatin National Forest spans 1.8 million acres, filled with wildlife, trout streams, and hiking trails, and over 60 camping areas.

Information: (406) 587 – 6701. See ALL campgrounds in Gallatin National Forest.

Campground Reservation: 1-877-444-6777. (Most campgrounds are first-come, first-serve.)

Season: Generally open from mid-May through mid-September. *Some campgrounds open later in the season.

Length of Stay: 14 – 16 days.

Fees: Average between $8 - $14/night. 

Campgrounds closest to Red Lodge include:

  • Chief Joseph Campground is located 4 miles east of Cooke City (60 miles west of Red Lodge), off Route 212 (Beartooth Scenic Byway). This 6-site campground is a perfect location from which to enjoy Beartooth and Chief Joseph Scenic Byways. No reservations. $3/additional vehicle.
  • Colter Campground has 23 sites and is located 2 miles east of Cooke City, off Route 212. Enjoy views of snow-capped mountains, with Yellowstone's northeast entrance just 5.5 miles away. No reservations. $3/additional vehicle.
  • Soda Butte Campground features 21 sites, tent pads, nearby access to scenic byways and Yellowstone National Park, located 1 mile east of Cooke City.

Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area

Lying southeast of Red Lodge, this recreation area is divided into two sections – the North District and South District, with 72 miles between Red Lodge and Bighorn Canyon Visitor Center. 5 camping areas are located here, operating on a first-come, first-serve basis only.

Season: Open year-round. (Access weather-permitting.)

Length of Stay: 14 days.

Fees: Entrance Fees - $5/vehicle/day; $30/vehicle/annual. Camping is free except for a utility fee at Horseshoe Bend Campground.

Camping Areas/Locations:

  • Afterbay Campground is located just north of Yellowtail Dam. 28-sites but no hook-ups. (Additional 12 sites located on the north shore; no water.) Fishing, boating and hiking are popular activities.
  • Black Canyon Campground features 17-tent sites and is accessible only by boat, located 5 miles south of Ok-A-Beh boat ramp, making it a popular choice for water-enthusiasts. No drinking water.
  • Horseshoe Bend Campground is located in Wyoming, on the north end of Bighorn Lake. This 48-site campground is near a swimming beach, picnic area, and marina. Utility fee.
  • Trail Creek Campground is a 15-site, primitive campground for tents only, located 27 miles north of Lovell, WY.
  • Located north of Barry's Landing, Medicine Creek Campground is accessible only by boating-in or hiking-in, with six sites located on the lake.

Yellowstone National Park

With Yellowstone's northeast entrance just 87 miles southwest of Red Lodge, it's a popular area camping destination, with miles of wilderness full of natural attractions and wildlife. 11 camping areas dot the park, featuring three campgrounds near the northeast entrance.

Season: Generally open between mid-May and mid-September, weather-permitting.

Length of Stay: 14 days (July – Labor Day), 30 days (rest of year).

Fees: Average between $12 – 20/night.

Here are some camping areas near Yellowstone's Northeast Entrance:

  • Pebble Creek Campground is located in the Lamar Valley, with hiking and fishing access nearby, and ample opportunity to spot wildlife. First-come, first-serve. 30 sites.
  • Slough Creek Campground is situated at the western end of the Lamar Valley, featuring 29-sites, excellent fishing, photography and wildlife viewing opportunity. First-come, first-serve.
  • Tower Fall Campground sits along Tower Creek, near the Yellowstone River. Find 39 sites, great fishing, and close proximity to amenities. First-come, first-serve.

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