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Just about an hour away from Red Lodge, Billings Airport is served by six major carriers and offers car rentals and bus departures on site. Red Lodge also has a small airport that serves private and non-commercial, chartered aircraft. Read More

  • Billings Logan International Airport, about 60 miles from Red Lodge, is the closest major airport of Montana, with six commercial carriers serving flyers.
  • Billings flights account for the most air traffic in Montana and the region.

Billings Logan International Airport

Billings Logan International Airport is a full service airport located at the top of the “Rims” offering more daily Billings flights than any other airport in Montana and surrounding region. The airport is located conveniently about an hour from Red lodge, Montana, and handles about 450,000 annual passenger boardings.

  • Airport Code: BIL
  • Location: The airport is located at the top of Billing’s most visible geological formation, the Rim Rocks, at 1901 Terminal Circle. From the airport main access and departure route on 27th Street, visitors can be at any destination in the Billings city within 15 minutes, including restaurants, hotels and business meetings.
  • Airlines:
    Frontier, Horizon, Northwest, United, Allegiant Air, and Skywest all serve Billings, Montana.
    Northwest and United offer direct flights on 727 jets to Salt Lake City in 1 hour, Minneapolis in 1.75 hours and Denver in about 1.5 hours.
    The regional airlines, Big Sky Airlines, offers service to Spokane in 1.5 hours, Horizon Air connects to Seattle in 2 hours, and SkyWest works in conjunction with Delta for direct flights to Salt Lake.
  • Airport Services
    Before or after your flight, shop in the Airport gift shop, snack at various restaurants, or check out the Yellowstone County Museum located South of the terminal building. Upon arrival to Billings, visitors can choose from various car rental companies at the airport. ATMs, Change Machines, US mail service, and Wi-Fi are also available in the airport.
  • Getting To/From the Airport
    You can get to and from the airport and around the City of Billings by private car, city bus lines and charters, the MET Transit System, as well as various cab and tour companies. A typical cab fare from the airport to downtown Billings is $6 and $4 for each additional person.
    Interstate highways serve Billings from the south, east and west via I-90 and I-94. Just exit I-90 at the 27th Street exit, turning North and continuing for about five miles to the airport entrance. U.S. Highways 212 and 87 pass through Billings Heights to the airport as well.

Red Lodge Airport

The 4,000 foot runway available at Red Lodge Airport in Montana is for private and non-commercial, chartered aircraft. Bordering Wyoming’s northern border, Red Lodge, Montana, is a quaint alpine town offering a slower and peaceful pace of life to its locals and yearly visitors who come to enjoy this outdoor paradise.

While commercial airlines do not service the Red Lodge community, such service is provided to neighboring airports in West Yellowstone, Billings, and Cody.

  • Airport Code: RED
  • Location: Red Lodge Airport is located one mile Northwest of Red Lodge, Montana, on 212 acres of land at 5763 feet above sea level.
  • Airlines: A local airline company, Absaroka Airways, Inc. provides a seasonal service for locals and tourists by offering offers scenic flights around the Beartooth Mountains. Red Lodge Airport is not served by commercial carriers.
  • Airport Services: Red Lodge Airport is does not offer restaurants, bars, or other amenities due to its small facility and amount of air traffic.
  • Getting To/From the Airport: The Red Lodge Tour & Taxi service offers direct public transportation to and from the airport within 150-mile radius. Rates are $5 for the first person from airport to Red Lodge and $3 for each additional person in the group.
    A courtesy shuttle operates in and around the airport but generally, shuttles to and from Red Lodge Airport are not available since the airport is in such proximity to town. Red Lodge Airport is not served by commercial buses or other major modes of transportation.