Red Lodge Montana Grizzly Bears, Pictures, Viewing & Information


Grizzly Bears

Grizzly bears are highly feared by humans, yet, these huge mammals are not predatory and they normally feed on grass, berries, and other plants. They can be found in the area around Red Lodge, Montana and in the northwestern parts of Montana. Grizzlies and humans usually keep their distances. But when encounters do occur, they can end in serious injury or death. Plan ahead if your trip includes bear country. Most serious encounters are a result of carelessness by humans.

Grizzly bears' color ranges from black to blond and all shades in between. Regardless of their color, most grizzly bears have a silver tint to their hair. These animals can stand between 3-4 feet tall at the shoulder and if they stand on their hind feet, they can reach heights of eight feet. Weighing between 400-700 pounds, the grizzly bear is best known for the hump over its shoulders.

Grizzly bears are opportunistic feeders meaning that they eat what they can get. Despite all the stories about man-eating grizzlies, these magnificent bears are primarily vegetarians, feeding on root, foliage, berries and fruit. They do eat insects and fish, as well.

Getting a picture of a grizzly bear is difficult. First sighting one is hard and then it is not advisable to get very close to one. Montana holds a significant portion of grizzly habitat, but even in places such as Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks (where grizzly populations are concentrated), grizzly sightings are rare. The best way to get a great photo of a grizzly bear is to buy a postcard!

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