Red Lodge Mountain Man Rendezvous

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Red Lodge Mountain Man Rendezvous

The Mountain Man Rendezvous is a reenactment that offers a glimpse into past, when mountain men used to roam this area.  With period-specific food, music, games and dress, you will feel as though you are back in the 1830's attending one of the original Mountain Man Rendezvous'.

  • The Mountain Man Rendezvous is a reenactment of historical meetings of mountain men during the 1800’s
  • Offers authentic period-specific dress, food, music and games
  • This event occurs in late July/early August
  • The MMR takes place 5 miles north of Red Lodge
  • Free admission

Overview: Each year, Red Lodge hosts the Mountain Man Rendezvous, a reenactment of the historical meetings of mountain men. The Rendezvous offers authentic time period-specific dress, music, food and games for the whole family.

When: The Mountain Man Rendezvous occurs annually in late July, early August.

Where: The venue for this event is located 5.2 miles north of Red Lodge, along Highway 212.

Fee: Admission is free, however donations are greatly appreciated.

Details: Mountain men roamed this area nearly 200’s years ago. They would fish, hunt and trap—using the land for their survival. During the fur trading era of the 1830’s, these mountain men would gather once or twice a year to trade hunting equipment and fur. The annual reenactment held in Red Lodge will give you a glimpse into what these Rendezvous’ may have really been like.

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